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Module SW2

Subwoofer Module SW2Add clarity and definition to the bass generated by powered subwoofers. It works by instantaneously restoring transients that get smeared by the low-pass filter.

Use with fine

Use with fine equipmentDramatically improve the sound from any powered subwoofer having at least 300 watts of continuous power.

Plug and Play

Plug and PlayIt connects in minutes with most powered subwoofers using standard RCA jacks. Two year warranty and money back guarantee.

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This signal processor restores dynamics in microseconds. It forces your sub to use its “peak” power. For movies, this makes collisions and explosions sound so real! For music, it makes the drums sound much more lifelike – guaranteed.

Use with JL Audio, Velodyne, Klipsch, Monitor Audio, Paradigm, Mirage, HSU, Sunfire, SVS, REVEL, Definitive, REL, JBL, and Martin Logan Subwoofers. Do not use with Definitive or GoldenEar speakers with built-in subwoofers.

If you own a Klipsch, an SVS, or a Velodyne with a large woofer and 300+ watts RMS, you must try this!
May not work perfectly if Audyssey EQ or your bass EQ settings are more than 2db from flat.
Frequency Response: 22hz – 120 hz +/- 1dB
THD: .004%
Use with powered subwoofers having at least 300 watts of continuous power.
This device will not connect to BOSE equipment.

Preferred Setup

If your receiver has a full pre-out signal (receiver front speakers set to LARGE), you may connect the pre-out front right or left jack to the “RCVR” input on SW2, otherwise connect to your receiver’s sub-out jack. If you have two subwoofers, you may connect a “Y” adapter to the “SUB” output of SW2. At first, we recommend that you place SW2 on top of your sub and rotate the knob back and forth while listening to music. You will hear the drums tighten up at one particular point. At this point, the signal strength from your pre-amp is matched to SW2’s input. To engage your sub’s low-pass filter, connect to the left or right input since the LFE input bypasses the sub’s filter on some subwoofers. The Definitive BP700x series, STS series and the GoldenEar Triton series speakers have built-in subwoofers with factory set filter points that are always engaged, but we do not recommend using SW2 with these until we determine how their LFE signal is blended with the signal delivered from the speaker wires. The Velodyne Impact series subs will distort with the added dynamics delivered by SW2.

Crossover Settings

All crossovers have an accidental side effect of phase shifting the input signal. Speakers do this less than subwoofers, because subwoofers are dealing with very low frequencies. Consequently, your drivers will be partially out of phase at the crossover region. This is normal, but it means that you have to experiment with your crossover and phase settings. In some cases, it may be beneficial to use both the receiver’s crossover and the subwoofer’s crossover, resulting in a steeper crossover slope.

Product Details
Product Dimensions: 3.8 x 1.8 x 0.9 inches ; 14.1 ounces
Shipping Weight: 1 pound
Item model number: SW2
Average Customer Review: 4 stars